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Several modifiers.

Here's the explanation of them:

Effect: movieClip that will be used in the end.

Direction: Director of effect.

Interval: interval of time in which the effect happen.

Slide: Displacement in pixels of the effect. If this value is omitted, it will take a random value between 05 and 10.

Alpha -: Percent fade that will be implemented in movieClip to each function call.

Rotation: Rotational speed of movieClip.

Inclination: Value of the inclination of movieClip. Use positive values to tilt to the right, negative to left, zero inclination to random field blank and not to use any inclination.

RandomColor: Sets the color will movieClip random. Note: Do not work with all movieClips.

SmoothMovement: Smooths the handling of movieClip.

zigzag: Defines whether the movieClip will have to zigzag motion. The parameters of this argument, are:

Field 1: Number of pixels that movieClip will go into effect in each call.

Field 2: Number of frames that movieClip tour before taking a direction opposite to the present.

zoomIO: Defines whether the movieClip will zoom in and zoom out. The parameters of this argument, are:

Field 1: Minimum size that movieClip reach.

Field 2: Maximum size that movieClip reach.

Field 3: Percentage of zoomIn or zoomOut that movieClip receive the end of each call.


In the file you'll find an extra effect. The effect Blink.

The zigzag behavior, zoomIO and Blink, are methods of class MovieClipUpgrade and can be used in any movieClip.

Follow the example of use:

com.prototypes.MovieClipUpgrade import;

var mcUp: MovieClipUpgrade = new MovieClipUpgrade ();

Done that, you can use the methods of movieClip as any other. Ex:

Suppose there is a Stage in movieClip called mc, the use of methods would be as follows:


mc.zigZag (10,10,5);


mc.zoomIO (50,100,5);


mc.blink (1.10);

Thank you.

Note: It may be that some of the features presented here do not work in movieClip concerned. But they work in movieClips you create by following the instructions contained in the archives, so I had to so you can take even more advantage of the software.


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Uploaded: 13 October 2008

Opens With: Flash 8 (8+)

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