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By purchasing and downloading this license, you are entitled, as buyer, to use the product in ONE SINGLE NON- COMMERCIAL PROJECT - details

Animation of flying birds across an animated lake, mountains and into a setting sun.

The main animations are placed in the movie symbol named "main scene", which is placed on stage. This symbol carries movie clips of twinkling stars, waves, and the flying bird. These files can be accessed in the library. Press ctrl+L to access library.

Customizing Size:

To customize the size of the scene - select the scene (left-click on scene), press ctrl+alt+S and type a value in the scale window. For instance, to reduce the size of the scene by half enter the value 50. Similarly, to double the size of the scene enter the value 200.

Customizing speed:

Change in animation speed can be made by increasing/decreasing the number of frames on the time line on the relative movie clip placed in the library. Press ctrl+L to access library.

Customizing Color:

Enter Library (ctrl+L) and double click on symbol named "main scene". Select a component you wish to change the color of. Select the paint-bucket tool (press letter'k'on keyboard) and fill the color of your choice.

Layers are labelled

No actionscript used. Cell animation created using Flash MX; file will open in later versions of Flash.

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Posted on 2009 Feb 20


Posted on 2009 Feb 21

Thanks, sanjeev :)


Posted on 2012 Jul 12

Nice mountains...

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Uploaded: 13 January 2009

Opens With: MX (6+)

Files Included: fla, swf, jpg, txt

Size: 308 kb

Action Script: N/A

Resolution: 550x400

Documentation: normal

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