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Name: SOW

Name: Abdourahmane MiddleName: Abdoul

Cell Number:+639236735317

Status: Married

Lives : In Manila philippines

Date of Birth: March 23, 1980     Birthplace: Bucharest (Romania)

Email:    Skype: guccidoura



Work in a company to develop and share my skills.

professional within a department or other marketing communications, dynamic and innovative seriously. I like to meet the challenges of any kind, able to work in any area if possible.

Desired profile in the field of communication preference!


Summary of my skills:

Creative and versatile, Multimedia Development, Design, web application development, 3D design, Video editing generic ... Developing Marketing Products and Services, Graphic Communication - PAO &Web ...


Education / Training Mtn AcademyGuinea Project Management (Alain amghar)Guinea Time management (Alain Amghar)Guinea Training Management Interface website for MTN Areeba GuineaDigital AfricaAbidjan Blackberry Training (Manager)RIM - Research in MotionUnited Kingdom - London Programmer Analyst DiplomaComputer Marsan - Montreal Canada Certificate of Excellence in computerComputer Marsan - Montreal Canada Technical Diploma in Computer MultimediaComputer Marsan - Montreal Canada Diploma in Technical Development of Website and E-commerceComputer Marsan - Montreal Canada



Flash animation, ActionScript programming, creation and optimization of images, videos, sounds, video player, Photoshop CS6, CS6 Illustrator, Indesign CS 5.5, QuarkXPress, Flash CS6, Image Ready, Wordpress, CS6 First, QuarkXpress, Director, Corel Draw, FrontPage, 3D Studio Max, InDesign, After effect, wpmu, Bryce, Ray Dream, 3D Home Design, Sound Forge, Paintshop Pro, File Maker Pro, PHP, Mysql, Javascript, Perl, Java, ASP, XML, Word , Excel, Access, Infini-D, Oracle, Powerpoint, Visual Basic, C + +, Actrix Business, Go Live, Fireworks, Delphi Enterprise, Outlook, Director simple accounting, JSP, iClone 5, CrazyTalk Animator Pro, Cinema 4D, CSS, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, FinalCut Pro, cyberlink power director 10, HTML 5, mobile ... jQuery scripting languages, XHTML (expert), CSS (expert), JavaScript (and frameworks), ActionScript, PHP and content management MySQL.Systèmes CMS Made Simple, Thelia, Drupal,unity, openspace


Responsible for product development and management of MTN Guinea (Mobile Telephone Networks), a first group of telecommunications in Africa and the Middle East.


Competent and qualified, with over 7 years experience in telecommunications services development, marketing strategic planning, IT service management, teaching and consulting.


Strategic thinker with strong communication skills and the ability of effective leadership. I led many telecommunications projects (Ring Back Tones, Mobile PBX, virtual number, portal mobile content, Mobile WiMAX launch services, TV / satellite radio, scan radio station, etc..)


• An Illustrated competence in requirements specifications and analysis, impact analysis, product and system testing.


• A proven mastery in the strategic and tactical planning, business process development and modeling business case.


• Practical experience in telecommunications billing systems and intelligent networks.


• A good knowledge of mobile and broadband broadcast technology, management, database, modeling languages ​​and cycle

of software development life.


Passionate about the video I control all facets of production: from scriptwriting to editing through the filming and directing. My experience made sure that I pay attention to content as well as the rendering quality of my productions. My clients like to do business with me because the work is done in fun and constructive collaboration.



Illustrations, graphics systems, logos, layouts, image processing, DTP. Complete realization data from prepress and printing monitoring (control typographic and layout, processes and constraints of printing, duotone and other advanced color management and layers).



Client-side development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript) and server (Apache, DNS, MySQL and PHP). Complete implementation of websites, graphic design and development, with more experience in making online shops in PHP / MySQL. Installation of electronic payment module. Monitoring and server maintenance (Linux). Ergonomics, accessibility, W3C validation. Domain management and hosting.



Client-side development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript) and server (Apache, DNS, MySQL and PHP). Complete implementation of websites, graphic design and development, with more experience in making online shops in PHP / MySQL. Installation of electronic payment module. Monitoring and server maintenance (Linux). Ergonomics, accessibility, W3C validation. Domain management and hosting.




Implementation of the BRS (Business Rules Specification) product life cycle and its mechanism. Supervision of press conferences and other PR events. Briefing the agency and monitor the implementation of the communication strategy.

Training of employees on the product and services to Areeba. Interactions with the IT department for implementation and technical services on the platform.

Development of internal memos and justified to specify the bottom left collaboartion with the financial department.

Design of the banner ad published on popular websites such as respective,,, and many other partner website.


Various techniques specialties:

• Development & Management Products and Services


• Marketing Proposal Values


• Technical Strategy & Planning


• Business case numerical modeling


• Project management


• Mobile and Broadband technologies: GSM, GPRS, EDGE, HSPA, WiMAX


• System engineering and modeling (UML)


• Telecommunications


• Team Management & Marketing


• Business Strategy & Planning




• Technology Platform


• Web Design & Maintenance


• Design & Art Direction


• Computer Support hotliner


• Customer Relationships


• Brand Development


• Photography & Typography


• Layout & Production


• Social Media Consulting


• Social Media Strategy


• Education and Training


• Consulting Facebook


• Consulting Twitter


• Consulting LinkedIn


• Design & ExportationVideo any media (DVD, mobile, tablet, ...)


• Filming


• Screenwriting


• Animation


• Editorial Spirit


Professional experience (7 years)


2004: Web Designer - Design Communic - Montreal

Mission: Making websites (flash animation and design interatif cd-rom)


2005: Consultant and Designer responsible networks - ADT - Montreal

Mission: Creation of websites and networks cabalges


2006: Call Center Agent - Teleperformance - Montreal

Mission: Responding to requests from customers over the phone.

- Educate and treat personalized customer requests.

- Provide a quality service for customer satisfaction to loyalty.

- Enable or disable options / services for the client over the phone.

- Enter the reason for appeal in the system.

- Wherever possible, resolve customer complaints and requests

- Forward unresolved complaints and requests to the entity concerned.

- Comply with established procedures.

- Maintain various documents made available to him.

- Identify and report major changes in order to make necessary decisions

- Detecting anomalies in procedures, accountable for compliance.


2007: ATL / BTL Supervisor - MTN Guinea

Mission: Animation ground station display in the city ....


2008: Technical and commercial assistant - Allan J Gold-Montreal Canada

  Assistant ....


2009: Web designer - Mouna Technology - Guinea

Mission: Training of two months, in part fulfillment of the website and Mouna Sotelgui,

Graphic design of all promotional materials.


2010: Commercial Automobile - TANE SA - Guinea

Mission: Develop and retain customers by promoting our products;

Acquire new customers; Retain customers with a personalized approach;

 The challenge of our commercial ambition;

 Ensure the administrative and delivery vehicles.


2010: Web designer - UNIC - Guinea

Mission: Freelance Contract coneption the website of the University UNIC


July 2010: Senior Portfolio Manager & Communication

MTN Areeba Guinea

Other contractual achievements:

Brochure design for traveling in Royal Air Morocco color

-Realization of a student café advertising

Production of a CV-based interactive CD-ROM

-Realization of a racing game Loto Quebec


2011 -: Web & Graphic designer - MTN Guinea - Guinea Conakry

Mission: Employment, banner management update, billboard, poster, flyer, Web site creation Web Areeba Guinea ...


2011: Member of Editorial Board Madina Magazine-Guinea

Writing articles and interview national and international artists.


2012- mai 2013: Specialist content and portal management - MTN Areeba Guinea - Guinea

Mission: Management of web content providers, managements statistics, journalism and community management ...


Languages: French / English (perfectly billing)


Interests: reading, music, creative, sports and passion for new information technologies, loves challenges.