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Professional provider Joomla Templates and Extensions

The JoomlaShine Team

JoomlaShine is a team of full – time professionals including passionate web developers, talented designers, and helpful supporters. We focus on the quality of products, which can be clearly seen in their design, functionality and usability, the first priority. To achieve this goal, we strongly promote continuous learning and training. Each member of our team focuses solely on tasks related to his area of responsibility, which makes him be like a “rock star” in the team with a solid knowledge base.

We believe  The quality at the first place

JoomlaShine products are carefully tested on major web platforms.

 Continuously improved code

We don’t write the old code again and again. Instead, we are focusing on continuous learning and improvement.

 Designed for users

We put the full control of product in one place. You don’t need to have special programmers’ skills to have our product working properly.

Customers Testimonials

I was diagnosed as addicted to HTML, Style sheets and Perl. After resisting for a while I was admitted to a Joomla! clinic.

I received JSN templates for a full week (one a day). Fortunately the treatment was successful and I am cured. Thanks God! Thanks to people at such a wonderful manufacture of truly professional templates.


Decio Elias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I am a Joomla! neophyte. Yet, one of the most professional decisions I ever made was using JoomlaShine products. I purchased the pro versions of Epic, Tendo and JSN Imageshow. Whenever I have run into a problem, Joomlashine has responded within HOURS and had me up and running. They have been extremely patient with my sometimes slow learning curve and have helped me learn not only their products but Joomla! as well.

I thank each and every one of the JoomlaShine team I have worked with. Job well done.


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