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$ 2.00
By purchasing and downloading this license, you are entitled, as buyer, to use the product in ONE SINGLE NON- COMMERCIAL PROJECT - details

A set of 3 short and small-size vector animations. around 10kb each. Can be used in any preloader or presentation as a background.

The animations are 1 on each frame in the movie (3 frames in this file) and are saved as separate movie clip. you can just copy-paste it as if it was a picture :) and it will play itself.



Posted on 2009 May 09

Another thing I forgot to mention, this "woman walk" that you see on third frame - can be separated of course, and used as one woman :)

Posted on 2009 May 13

I'm looking for an animated silhouette of a very slim female model on a runway? Do you have one by chance?
thanks, rick

Posted on 2010 Oct 11

Hi Aquamarine... any chance to have some guys walking with the women too... (my site is about corporate fraud, and it might seem a little discriminatory a screen showing only bussiness women... wouldn't you agree?

Thanks, Andres


Posted on 2010 Oct 11

Hi, sorry I don't have men animation like this now. I can make one special for you - but it'll cost a lot more (my per-hour rate is 20$) because it's a frame-by-frame animation on top of live video (video is split to gif and then flash frames that I draw on top of them), so I have first to capture a good quality video for this. It's a lot of work.
rasthof Replay to aquamarine

Posted on 2011 Mar 17

Dear Aquamarine, how do you split the movie to gifs? I'll try to do it my self :)


Posted on 2011 Mar 18

its easy, just cut the movie clips (it is 1 per frame) - paste them into new fla file and do 'file'-publish settings- put 'vi' in GIF, and do publish. ;)
rasthof Replay to aquamarine

Posted on 2011 Mar 22

oooh yes baby, its quite easy, but man it takes time....

thx. for the answer :)
aquamarine author Replay to rasthof

Posted on 2011 Mar 22

oh my god.. don't tell me you did a frame-by-frame copy?
i mean the 3 animations that are in rotation are placed each one on separate frame, but not that the 'copy to new file' process has to be done frame by frame from inside the movieclips. you can select the whole timeline and do "copy frames" and then paste frames to new file, all frames in the animation at once. i'm sorry, i always forgot that some people who buy stuff here are not familiar with flash IDE.
by the way, how about the dancing animations?  check in my items list.

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Uploaded: 08 May 2009

Opens With: Flash 8 (8+)

Files Included: fla,swf

Size: 31kb

Action Script: AS1 + AS2

Resolution: Resizable

Documentation: bad

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