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* Cross Fade Slide Show
* by Steven McMillen


This is a simple slideshow intended for the use in web site headers or other sections where images are to be presented. The slideshow uses a gradient mask to provide a cross fade transition into the next picture. Picture and various settings are adjusted via the XML file.

File Structure

ss.swf - is the actual flash file
Componets folder - this folder contains the XML document and the images to be used.
- images.xml
- pictures to be loaded (typically jpeg)

Size adjustment

though the flash stage is set to 590x300 this can be modified any size as long as the images show are no larger than 800x650, larger than that and the mask image will have to be adjusted. In the library of the file (ss.fla) is a movie clip called 'mask' this has an image in it (imported png) that has a gradient alpha. This could be changed to allow for bigger images to be handled by the file.

Modifications via XML

The following attributes can be changed via the XML document..
- timer (this is how long a particular image will be shown before the transition starts to show the next image)
- fadetime (this is how quickly the cross fade moves to transition from one image to the next)
- xcord (x coordinate that the images will be loaded to)
- ycord (y coordinate that the images will be loaded to)
- swipevis (this is set to 0 or 1, if set to 1 the white swipes that cross the image will be visible, if set to 0 then they will not be visible)
- swipealp (this determines the alpha of the swipes if shown 0-100)
- linkson (this determins if the links will be active. 0 for no and 1 for yes. url for link destination defined in the XML)

Repeating values (copy section to add additional pictures to slide show
- path (this is the location of the picture to be show)
- link (url where clicking on image will take the user too)

Actionscript modification

Actionscript for the slideshow is in the 'action' layer of the ss.fla file. Comments are made there to indicate the functions of each section.



Posted on 2008 Oct 24

Hello, could you please tell me whether this file would work on a website made with action script 2?

Posted on 2008 Oct 24

the slideshow is done with as2 so it would be compatible.

Posted on 2009 Mar 05


Posted on 2009 Apr 22

What should I do if I need fade effect to go from left to right and then after second picture from right to left?

Posted on 2009 Jun 25

Please I'd like to know if is possible to have a Slideshow with more than 5 pictures

Posted on 2010 Nov 12

Is it possable to remove the pause/play button and to stop the rotation after a full cycle to use as an intro ??? And is it possable to use some Gif photos ? Thanks, Art xml banner gallery rotator v7

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Uploaded: 01 October 2008

Opens With: Flash 8 (8+)

Files Included: FLA

Size: 44kb

Action Script: AS2

Resolution: Resizable

Documentation: good

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