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By purchasing and downloading this license, you are entitled, as buyer, to use the product in ONE SINGLE NON- COMMERCIAL PROJECT - details

This is a full fledged game with all of the features you would expect. It's inspired by Galaga and Sidearms. Note: The programmer can choose to turn off any or all of the power up options if they would like a more classic Galaga like game.


  1. Infinite star background. Stars are created at run time on three different layers and move at three different speeds. You will never see the same pattern of stars twice.
  2. Power ups

    • Rapid fire shots (stackable)
    • Bazooka
    • Speed Increase (stackable)

  3. Earn extra lives.
  4. Second ship on screen (drops at level 6 and 11).
  5. Hit Percent
  6. Score
  7. Win Screen
  8. Choose Difficulty Settings
  9. Different enemy behavior for different stages

    • All enemies fly in at once stages1-4
    • Different enemy stage 5
    • Staggered fly in stage 6
    • Different enemy stage 10
    • Repeat of different enemy from stage 5 on stage 13

  10. Difficulty changes based on stage: As the game progresses the behavior of the enemy ships is automatically updated by the action script to be more aggressive.
  11. Infinite Levels: If the programmer chooses the number of levels can be infinite, default stages are created automatically and do not require input from the programmer.
  12. Random Enemy Patterns: The patterns of the enemy are different each game so each game is unique. The attack times are also based on random numbers so they will never be exactly the same.
  13. Background Music Option

Coding and Customization

The game is coded as you would expect, everything is properly labeled, clean and takes place on one frame. Many of the features can be changed with a simple number. Here are some of the main features which are easily changed:

bugSource = "beeLoopFromLeft";
bugNumber = 10;
xStartLocation = 0;
yStartLocation = 45;
ySpread = 150;
aggressiveness = 1500;
bugAggressivnessIncreaseIncrement = 50;
newStageBugIncrement = 2;

endGameLevel = 15;
maxBullets = 4;
extraShips = 2;
extraLife1Score = 200000;
extraLife2Score = 400000;
extraLife3Score = 800000;
powerUpSpeed = true;
powerUpQuickShot = true;
powerUpBazooka = true;
twoShipsAllowed = true;
backgroundMusic = false;

playerShip = "ship";
reloadMilliseconds = 400;
bulletSpeed = -12;
bulletSource = "projectile"
shipLeftSpeed = 1.65;
shipRightSpeed = 1.65;

Script Table of Contents

  • Default Values: Line 25

    • Changeable main defaults
    • Static default values
    • Player Default Values
    • Visible
    • Sound

  • Reset button 161
  • Game function 254
  • Stage dependent 425
  • Attaching bugs 671
  • Bullet Animation 720
  • Background 848
  • Ship Movement 921
  • Power Ups 952

There are comments in the source file, and added notes in the help file included with this file which explain in more depth how to change things.

Customization Help

If you prefer I can help you customize the game to your liking. Contact me and we can see about setting up a contract in If you provide the graphics and other materials you would like used it should be pretty quick and simple.


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Uploaded: 04 November 2010

Opens With: Flash 8 (8+)

Files Included: FLA, SWF, HTML, HELP

Size: 363kb

Action Script: AS2

Resolution: 345X450

Documentation: good

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