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By purchasing and downloading this license, you are entitled, as buyer, to use the product in ONE SINGLE NON- COMMERCIAL PROJECT - details

The Global Menu Pro is a Flash menu component that represents a menu structure in a pop-up fashion with sliding submenus. It allows you to implement a hierarchical menu into your website navigation system.

Main features:

- multilevel structure (up to 5 levels) and unlimited menu items
- menu data is loaded using XML
- component can be completely configured through the XML file
- (optionally) separate style declaration for each of top-level menu items
- (optionally) setting specific values of width for any submenu block
- alpha transparency support for all backgrounds
- gradient support for background color
- adding URLs or custom Flash functions to any menu click event (through the XML file)
- FlashVars support for different XML files loading
- ActionScript API available (methods, events and properties of the GlobalMenuPro class)

You can work with the Global Menu Pro in one of the following ways:

1. Using the source FLA file (editable Flash file) for further publishing (creating SWF file).
2. Using the SWF file (fully working Flash movie). In this case, you don't need Flash software or any programming knowledge.

Use the Global Menu Pro component to create any of the following:

- Horizontal pop-up menus
- Dropdown menus
- Sliding menus
- Any combinations of above menus

Download includes:

- Source files (FLA, AS)
- Flash movie (SWF)
- Configuration file (XML)
- 5 Flash-based examples (FLA, AS, XML, SWF)
- The complete 31-page User guide (PDF - download)



Posted on 2010 Jun 24

Hi ,

I need some urgent help.

I have downloaded ur the problem is when I hover my mouse over the menu, the menu items are getting under the banner which I have put on the page....please can I solev this

emerald author Replay to BT_INDIA

Posted on 2010 Jun 24

Do you use your banner and the Global Menu Pro in the same SWF file, or the  banner and the menu are the different SWFs that are embedded into HTML page?
BT_INDIA purchased Replay to emerald

Posted on 2010 Jun 24

To emerald: Hi, Both are different files....the banner is another SWF file
BT_INDIA purchased Replay to BT_INDIA

Posted on 2010 Jun 24

I am using them in ASPX file....i am using .net for developing my website

emerald author Replay to BT_INDIA

Posted on 2010 Jun 25

The height of the menu.swf file is set to 85px. This is the reason why the pop-up level is cut when the pointer rolls over a top-level menu item. The dimensions of the SWF file must be sufficient to contain the opened menu. This is common for embedding any SWF.
BT_INDIA purchased Replay to emerald

Posted on 2010 Jun 25

Thanks for the reply...what you said is correct but I did this to reduce the gap between the Menu and banner...Now if I increase the height the gap between both the SWF file increases please check the link once again that I had provided in the email....

SORRY for troubling you so much...please advice....Thanks in Advance

emerald author Replay to BT_INDIA

Posted on 2010 Jun 25

I can see 2 possible solutions:

1) Combine the menu and the banner into one SWF file (using source FLA files and further publishing).

2) Create html/css layout with layers (z-index). In this case, when embedding SWF into HTML page you should set the wmode parameter to "opaque" or "transparent". For the case of using SWFObject 2 (as in my sample), it will look like this:

var params = {wmode: "opaque"};

Hope, this will help you!
BT_INDIA purchased Replay to emerald

Posted on 2010 Jun 26

To emerald: Dear Emerald,

For step one I dont have knowledge in Flash....can u assist me on that....

For step 2 its not working either....every time I embed the flash file the object takes too much space thus creating white space between the banner and the menu. When I reuce the object size the items gets trimmed....

This happens when I embed the flash files in Table layout which I have to do to target different screen resolutions...

Please advice....REALLY sorry for disturbing so much


Posted on 2010 Jun 26

I have used your index.html file tht is provided with the download and just put an image below the menu DIV
and when I run it the menu goes too below thus creating white space inbetween the Menu and Image.

Check this link for this:


emerald author Replay to BT_INDIA

Posted on 2010 Jun 26

I've sent you a private message. Please, check your mail.

Do you have any comment or questions about emerald file?

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Uploaded: 14 June 2010

Opens With: Flash 8 (8+)

Files Included: FLA, AS, XML, HTML, SWF, user manual (PDF)

Size: 24kb

Action Script: AS2

Resolution: N/A

Documentation: good

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