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Simple Flash Effect that sprinkles white stars emerging from the mouse pointer as it moves through the stage.

Very easy to add in any flash proyect, either in the entire screen or in a specific section.

Code:ActionScript 3.0
Flash CS3 version



Posted on 2009 Jun 14

I downloaded your file. Now what?

Posted on 2009 Jun 14

To vtstever:
First of all I want to thank you for downloading my file.
I invite you to read carefully the 'HELP-mouse_sprinkles_stars_effect.txt' file included, where you can find the description of the .fla file and the different ways you can add this effect to your proyects.
If you have any specific question after reading, please let me know and I'll gladly answer as soon as posible.

Posted on 2010 Jan 07

have purchased product, have read through instructions but cant seem to figure how to incorporate into site, have done a flash based site would like to add it to either just the index page or to all - do you have an easy way to explain this? i should probably just keep trying would sort out sooner or later, but would be great if you know quick way, the site i want to incorporate sprinkles is in xml?

Posted on 2010 Jan 07

great work!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 2010 Jan 07

To omedia:
Thanks for downloading my file.
All you need to do is open your .fla file.
Create a transparent movie_clip (any shape painted with a color set in alpha = 0%) and give it the size you want (this determines where the effect is displayed).
Give an instance name to your movie clip, wheather "effect_frame" or whatever you want (just make sure to change the name in the actionscript code), and put it into a new layer and place this layer on top of all the other ones.
Create a new layer where you will put the actionscript... just like in the example file.
That's it. It's pretty easy actually.
I hope this helps....
Dreighen Replay to calbag

Posted on 2013 Apr 05

Your instructions are still confusing to new flash users lol. I'm trying to add just your bubbles from your other upload to my animation but to no avail, even with the "help" file...
Vanessa_Gonzales purchased Replay to calbag

Posted on 2016 May 19

This is a fabulous effect! I\\\'m loving it. Could you possibly tell me how to layer it in a scene with another animation?

Posted on 2011 Mar 18

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Uploaded: 09 May 2009

Opens With: Flash CS3 (9+)

Files Included: fla

Size: 71.5 kb

Action Script: AS3

Resolution: Resizable

Documentation: normal

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