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$ 5.00
By purchasing and downloading this license, you are entitled, as buyer, to use the product in ONE SINGLE NON- COMMERCIAL PROJECT - details

Fully customizable cube menu system with pseudo 3d effect. Cube rotates on rollovering menu buttons and also can be rotated by dragging.

Features and instructions:
* Only vector animation, resizable to any dimensions
* Fully editable in Flash 6.0 and higher versions
* See the library of the movie to replace menu buttons and menu pictures with your own. Menu buttons are called 'MENU ITEM 1', 'MENU ITEM 2' etc. Pictures are called 'MENU PICTURE 1' etc. correspondingly.
* Please do not make alterations to the movie scripts and clips (other that MENU ITEM and MENU PICTURE) unless you are sure in what you're doing.



Posted on 2009 Oct 28

Hi I would be interested by this component but would like to have more information about the cube, how can every faces be drawn ? I need to add 6 differents images, is it possible ?


Posted on 2009 Oct 28

To humbucker: Yes, Hambucker, surely you may place any image (vector or raster - but better vector, because in this case you'll be able to enlarge to any size) on all sides of the cube. It's easy to do, if you'll have difficulties let me know.

Posted on 2009 Nov 10

Thanks, anyway I got some doubts it will be really easy to modify with actionscript 3 (I see it's a AS1 version)
WOuld you be ok to send me a printscreen of how your cube is done and drawn ?
Many thanks

Posted on 2009 Nov 10

To humbucker: send me your mail then

Posted on 2009 Dec 16

Hey dude!
I downloaded your cube, nice work!.. I was wondering if there's a possibility to have to cube rotated by its own, but very slightly, very subtile.. So, if the cube gets loaded, it would be cool if I knew how to have it rotated by its own, like a spinning Earth, but in this case a spinning Cube of course, and, when you rotate the cube by hand, it would slightly keep spinning into the direction you last rotated it to.. Does that make sense? Any idea which parameters I should adjust in the Book3DClass to accomplish this??
Thanks a lot!

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Uploaded: 28 April 2009

Opens With: MX (6+)

Files Included: FLA, TXT, SWF

Size: 18kb

Action Script: AS1

Resolution: 300x300

Documentation: bad

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