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! Reacts to the music being played
! Highly customizable (supports 1 to 256 spectrum lines/bars)
! Supports more than one spectrum object
! Very low processor load
! All functionality is well commented and wrapped in a package
! Extremely easy to use and deploy

! No predefined animation
! No repetitive patterns

var myObject:Spectrum = new Spectrum(wrapper, barCount);

myObject:Spectrum - your spectrum object
wrapper: MovieClip - pass a movie clip as a parameter in which
the spectrum animation is placed
barCount:int - number of bars(lines), ranging from 1 to 256



Posted on 2009 Sep 09

I've put your "Real Spectrum Equalizer" on my webpage ( But it doesn't react to any audio. Any idea why?

I would be grateful forany help.

Many Thanks,

Pete Leutner

Posted on 2009 Sep 09

reason one, the mp3 name is not matching toe one specified in the code
reason two, some servers have speciffic requirements about upper and lower case letters including the extension, for example song.MP3 will not work, while song.mp3 will.
third reason is that the path to the mp3 file is not specified correctly.
Try whether it is not one of those, and if not send me the mp3 and I will take care you get your problem fixed.

Posted on 2009 Sep 11

Hi Dimitar, Thanks for your reply.

All I have done so far is embed the code "<p style="text-align: center"> <embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" height="400" width="500" src="" pluginspage="" play="true" loop="true" menu="true"></embed></p>
<p style="text-align: center"> </p>
<p style="text-align: center"> </p>"

Do I need embed any further code to tell the player to look at an mp3 source? I thought it would react to the sound card output on the computer?

I would like it to react to our audio mp3 stream which is ""

Do I need to do something like this: "var myObject:Spectrum = new Spectrum(, 256);"



Posted on 2009 Sep 11

Ah, you see, the thing is that inside the swf the code is looking for file named "song.mp3"
you have to change it to

I will take a look during the weekend, would there be any issues with loading your streaming file.

Regards, Dimitar


Posted on 2009 Sep 12

Sometimes on the stream, you don't need the "listen.pls" ie just the ip

Thanks for trying it over the weekend. I see that "notepad" doesn't open the SWF file properly so difficult for me to see the "song.mp3" to be able to edit.



Posted on 2009 Sep 14

OK, first if you want to edit the flash application, you should use the .FLA file not the swf.
You will not be able to open either with notepad.
I have found out that you are trying to do is to pass a play list file (PLS) to the flash, which will not work.
You need to specify the URL of an MP3 file. Once you give me the mp3 location I will tailor the flash to
play your file.

Posted on 2009 Sep 14

Hi Dimitar,

Thanks again for your assistance. The URL for the mp3 "streamed" file is
This isa live mp3 stream at 64kbs



Posted on 2009 Sep 16

To leutnerp: OK, matey send me your mail so I can post you the tailored version

Posted on 2009 Sep 19

Wow thanks Dimitar, here is my email:

Glad you managed to tailor it to make it work with our audio stream.



Posted on 2010 Jan 19

Just wonder if the color and shape of the bar can be modified? Thanks

Posted on 2010 Jun 11

Don't you have a way to pass into, or set a parameter for the song name?
For example I have a DJ who has 2 demo files.  One is called commercials.mp3 and one is called sports.mp3
Are you saying that your .swf is locked to only look for song.mp3?
There's no way to pass the song name like "commercials.mp3" as a param or "sports.mp3" as a param?
Also, do you provide the .FLA file with the purchase?

Posted on 2010 Aug 22


It would seem I am having similar issues.

Strangely if I perform a flash preview within CS4 it works great!

However once I publish it and view it in a browser, it no longer works. The html file is here: and the .swf file here

Any help you could provide would be astounding.


Eric Nordstrom

nordstrom purchased Replay to nordstrom

Posted on 2010 Aug 22

I should also mention that my action script in CS4 looks like this:

import com.pkg.tes.*;

var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest("");
var sound:Sound = new Sound(req);;

var thin:Spectrum = new Spectrum(this.holder, 256);
var thick:Spectrum = new Spectrum(this.holder2, 25);

I tried it with the listen.pls at the end of the URLRequest but it only seems to work while leaving off the .pls file in the string.


Posted on 2010 Sep 13

I think that the spectrum function only works if the sound source (shoutcast sever for example) is on the same domain as the swf. It's a security issue. Is this flash spectrum bypass this ?

Do you have any comment or questions about 08535510n file?

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Uploaded: 19 April 2009

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