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$ 20.00
By purchasing and downloading this license, you are entitled, as buyer, to use the product in ONE SINGLE NON- COMMERCIAL PROJECT - details

Xml Driven Mp3 player.

- Play / Pause Button
- Prev Button
- Next Button
- Seek Bar
- Current time and Total Time
- Mute button
- Volume Bar
- Name of the current MP3 file that is playing and for name of the artist
- Album/artist cover
- The Album/artist cover can be set up in the xml file , so that on mouse click it will open a new window with a url specified in the xml file, this is optional.
- Auto play sound option
- Loop sound option.
- Supports unlimited number of .mp3's.
- Cool gradient sound spectrum.
- Configurable with an xml file.
- OOP code.

XML settings:
- spectrum_colors - this is a range of 5 colors, creating a fill gradient from left to right, if you want a single color set all colors to the same value
- show_spectrum - yes or no
- auto_play - yes or no
- loop - yes or no
- volume - a value between 0 and 100
- artist_name - the artist name
- song_title - the song tile
- image_path - the image path for each song
- mp3_path - the path for each .mp3 file
- url - this is the url that it will open if the upper left image is pressed, you can disable this by setting the open attribute to "no".

In the download sources you can find a class which is applied on a text filed creating an randomize letter effect, you can see that effect when the song changes, and the Spectrum class, both classes are reusable so you can apply them in any of you projects, so you can think of them as a bonus for this player.

Note that the SoundMixer.computeSpectrum class ( the class responsible for the spectrum visualizer) has a bug that is not allowing to play two or more sounds from different domains, the sound will play, only the spectrum will not work, THIS IS EXPECTED TO BE FIXED IN FUTURE VERSIONS OF FLASH PLAYER.

Check out this package at an exceptional discount. Everything you expect is included:



Posted on 2009 Jul 09

Does this support playing of a live audio mp3 or aac+ stream, and will it display album art from the stream id3 (metadata) tags?

Pete Leutner

Posted on 2009 Jul 09

No just simple mp3 files you will have to add the name info in the xml file.

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Uploaded: 16 May 2009

Opens With: Flash CS3 (9+)

Files Included: FLA,XML

Size: 99.kb

Action Script: AS3

Resolution: 358x146

Documentation: good


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