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By purchasing and downloading this license, you are entitled, as buyer, to use the product in ONE SINGLE NON- COMMERCIAL PROJECT - details

Description: Wall photography template is the ultimate solution for creating, editing and launching your website, no Flash knowledge required for setting up this Flash template and you don't need to have a copy of the software (ADOBE FLASH) , completely XML driven. You can set everything from a main .xml file and each photo and video gallery has its own .xml file making it extremely easy to update and maintain.

This Flash template uses deep linking. You will have a unique link for all the template sections generated dynamically based on the section name (e.g. you have the possibility to send to a client the link for a specific photo). This feature also enables the "back one page" and "forward one page" browser buttons.

This template works on PC but more important this is optimized for mobile as well, it will work on devices that have support for Flash Player 10.1 or higher, it will identify if the device has touch screen capabilities. It will work on a touch or mouse enabled device (please note that on some phones that have a small resolution it might not work but on a tablets it should work fine). Below there is a demo video showcasing the template running on a samsung galaxy tab, considering the complexity of this template the performance is really good!

Demo for mobile and touch screen devices

This product can be embedded in WordPress, Joomla or any kind of HTML content.

This template has a few important modules they are shortly described below.

Gallery module (e.g. beauty, commercial ...) - supports unlimited number of galleries, you can add or remove galleries as you please. This module can have galleries protected with password this mean that you can allow access only to specific users. At least one gallery must be present.

Video module (e.g. video collection) - supports only one video gallery for this module, an advanced video player capable of playing all Flash supported video formats (progressive download) and Youtube videos in any resolution and aspect ratio. This module can be removed.

Text windows module (e.g. about us and latest news) - supports unlimited number of text window modules, the text is formatted with html/css, if the text is to large a scrollbar with buttons will appear, you can add your own text and arrange it as you wish. This module can be removed.

Contact window module (e.g. contact us) - supports only one instance for this module, the text is formatted with html/css, you can add your own text and arrange it as you wish, also a contact form is included into this module. This module can be removed.

Logo module - a .jpg or .png file can be used as a logo, of course you can use your own file.

External links buttons module - these are the external links menu buttons, supports unlimited number of external links buttons, the url and the window target can be configured for each of them. This module can be removed.

Social networking module - you can add as many social networking buttons such as those from the top of the screen, load your own icons, configure the url and the window target. This module can be removed.

Sound button module - A sound button that stops and plays a .mp3 file, .mp3 file is configurable. This module can be removed.
General features

* XML driven
* Deep linking
* The color for the button icons, navigation and other simbols color and other parts color can be changed, please note that the source files are included and all MovieClips used in this template can be modified
* Galleries module
* Video module
* Text windows module
* Logo module
* Contact window module
* External links buttons module
* Social networking module
* Sound button module
* Full screen button
* A feature that allows to hide all the interactive elements like buttons after a specific time of inactivity, if the mouse is over one of this elements none of them will hide, the delay time can be configured and if you don't like this feature it can be disabled
* Full screen button
* Resizable adjusting after the browser size. Everything will look the same on each resolution and your photos will appear the same for all your visitors without distortion.
* The sections that have text can be formatted with html/css.

Gallery features

* you can add as many galleries as necessary
* thumb width and height can be changed
* the galleries can be protected with password, you can set you own user name and password for each gallery
* advanced thumbnail module, you can add as many thumbs as you need for each gallery and they will align based on the screen resolution; a scrollbar will appear if there are too many thumbs which can be controlled with the mouse wheel or by moving the mouse over the ">" arrow icon on the right or left part of the screen.
* high mathematics complexity for the thumb navigation.
* supports portrait or landscape images, the gallery will resize and display perfectly no matter the image size or format.
* bulk preloader (fast loading photos), when you navigate through photos you don't have to wait for loading them because they will already be loaded.
* thumb navigation inside the gallery, that shows the next or previous image to load and display.
* keyboard support:
* - left arrow key load and display the previous image
* - right arrow key load and display the next image
* - spacebar key starts or stops the gallery slideshow.
* slideshow
* slideshow autoplay option
* the slideshow delay can be changed
* animated slideshow preloader
* photo description window and button, this can be disabled globally or individually for each image. Please note that the text can be formatted with html/css
* the description can be showed or hidden by default
* close button for returning to the thumb section.

Video module

* fully resizable Flash Video Player (Play 4:3 or 16:9 or any custom size of video)
* capable of playing all Flash supported video formats (progressive download) and Youtube videos in any resolution and aspect ratio.
* can be set to any size you want by changing the player width and height in XML, also it has an autoresize feature that will resize the player to fill the available space.
* supports HD H264 and all Flash video player formats (progressive download) as well as YouTube videos with or without high definition.
* you can select the YouTube video quality form the video controller. The available quality rates will be displayed in a cool way so you can select the desired quality for the playing video.
* video preview image
* big play button
* space key listener, you can use Space key to play/pause the video
* click listener, you can click on the video to play/pause the video
* autoHide controls bar, you can set the player to autohide the control bar and mouse after a number of seconds of inactivity
* autoplay option
* loop option
* cycle, shuffle and next playback features
* next and previous buttons for changing videos
* video smoothing (optional)
* info window for the selected video
* set the start volume
* volume control
* the buffer time can be set for the streaming videos
* playlist with categories, you can add as many categories as you might need.
* the playlist has a search box that allows video searching.
* easy navigation for the playlist thumbs.

Text window features

* you can add as many Custom text window as you need
* supports HTML and CSS formated text, you can add images or .swf files, change the color etc
* an advanced scrollbar will appear if the content will not fit into the browser.

Contact form features

* support HTML and CSS formated text, you can add images or .swf files, change the font size or color etc
* you can add your one email address into which the message will be sent.

Please note that there are a lot of other features that we didn't mention so please navigate into each module of the template to see everything.

Help file included!


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Uploaded: 22 March 2011

Opens With: Flash CS4

Files Included: FLA, SWF, XML, FLV, HTML, AS

Size: 212kb

Action Script: AS3

Resolution: Resizable

Documentation: good

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